Sunday, 14 June 2009

Working very hard on two books that need to be completely finished by the end of this month. They’re bringing me into repeated contact with many of my favourite words. Peplum, pantsuit, dimity, dirndl, tankini*. One of the authors emailed me the first draft of his acknowledgements yesterday, and I was overjoyed to read that he has come to consider me “forever John Steed to [his] Tara King.”

I will never be in receipt of better praise than that. I told him he didn’t have a great big arse like Tara - think that went down quite well.

*Not tankini, really.

1 comment:

  1. I can't decide what makes me envy you most, a daily diet of "peplum", "pantsuit", "dimity" and "dirndl" (with or without "tankini") - these, incidentally, are books I feel I must own - or being compared to John Steed. Either way I'm starting to think that you are living the life that I wish I was living.

    Also deriving much pleasure from your flickr account, not the least for introducing me to the sultry charms of Brenda North from Lanarkshire.