Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Looks I’ve been looking at

skin girls, 1979

I keep homing in on him in bookshops lately. Collar under, collar over, spotted tie, lopsided round neck, peek of braces.

Friends tell me there’s nothing to admire about Vincent Gallo, but I like everything he does.

Nanette Newman in The Rebel

Bangles, skinny tie, big hair, and so on.

Fabio Testi


  1. No idea who Mario Testi is, drawing a complete blank, but I'm absolutely with you on all of others.

    I'm particularly drawn to Vincent Gallo and the skinhead girls. Vincent Gallo has a peculiar kind of genius and I appear to be the only person in the world who enjoyed Brown Bunny (the soundtrack is a tip top experience too).

    As for the skinhead girls, every time I'm in Gardner Street and walk past Jump The Gun I mourn the fact that to look good in any of the clothing in the window I'd have to be at least two stone lighter.

    And isn't it about time that the Skinhead novels were released again? The price of even the reissues has long since passed exorbitant and moved somewhere towards the direction of outrageous. They were complete rubbish, but, for some indefinable reason, I'm eager to read them again. I had a similar urge about ten years ago when I re-read half a dozen Sven Hassel novels I'd originally read in my teens. And I'll never get the hours back that I wasted on that ever again...

  2. Oops, Fabio Testi - changed now. He was an odd '70s Italian heartthrob, went out with Charlotte Rampling. No that great really, but I like his hair.

    I devoured all those Skinhead books too, and also a series of ones he wrote about bikers ruling a collapsed Britain of the near future (ie set in 1981 or something). I used to get them at jumble sales as an '80s teenager, but I never see them now.

  3. Four years since you posted this but my, wasn't the young Nanette Newman just the most beautiful creature!

    1. Happy to agree, anon. My tastes haven't changed much in four years!