Saturday, 23 May 2009

Looks I've been looking at

1970s Kraftwerk

1970s bushiness

The Klute cut

[Kraftwerk, M*A*S*H, Theatre of Blood, Little Murders, Klute]


  1. By coincidence I've just ordered a copy of "Klute" from (not available over here, surprisingly). I've always thought it an excellent rebuttal of all that sixties "let it all hang out" nonsense.

    John Klute was a stylish looking chap, as was the chap who played him.

    Not seen "Little Murders" but am eager to do so. That doesn't seem available anywhere though, at least on DVD.

  2. Love all those quiet, paranoid Alan J. Pakula films, but especially Klute.

    Little Murders is a real late '60s dystopia period piece, and one of those weirdly set-bound filmed plays. They try hard to open it out in the first half-hour, then just give up. I'll send you a copy of my cack-handed video-to-DVD transfer if you like.

  3. You know how to do video-to-DVD transfer? Perhaps we could come to an arrangement by which we both end up with a DVD copy of my greatly treasured Mark Boxer documentary? But then we should do that pint before too long. I get the feeling we'll have a lot to talk about.

    The Boxer documentary is, by the way, at the back end of my VHS copy of the Elliott Gould "The Long Goodbye" - which could also be described as quiet and paranoid. Gould at that point in his career was able to make being sweaty and hairy very very cool. No mean achievement.

    Would love to see "Little Murders" - I'll email separately.

  4. love this period moovie, Klute & so├ęphane of